The Power of Financial Planning

  • “It was nice to develop a relationship with someone who can get to understand our situation and help us in our next level of financial growth. We loved Rachel's candor, guidance, and accountability. She is part of our support system.”
    Joana D.
  • “Being able to talk through my professional goals with someone who's fully focused on my long-term success has been absolutely transformative.”
    Elaine W.
  • “Thank you SO much. The Budget How-To workshop has been very helpful! So many tangible (but not overwhelming) steps!”
    Colleen S.


What types of coaching does Ellevest offer?

Ellevest’s coaches are here to help you work toward your goals in whatever format fits your schedule (and your budget) the best.

1:1 coaching: Work individually with a coach, either to work on something specific — like building a budget, making a plan to pay off debt, or strategizing a long-term financial plan — or with an open-ended, ongoing relationship. They’ll get to know you and give you guidance unique to your personal financial situation.

Live Events: Tune in for a 45- to 60-minute workshop hosted by a coach on Zoom, with topics ranging from how investing works to how to build a full financial wellness practice. They’ll leave time for live Q&A, too.

Ellevest members get up to 50% off all 1:1 coaching and specialty workshops (and some workshops for free!).

Can you help me decide which coaching session I should buy?

Absolutely — you can sign up for a free 15-minute call with a coach. They’ll learn more about the challenges you’re facing and help you decide which of our coaching sessions might be right for you.

(Wondering about membership? Start with the chatbox widget on this page.)

Can I work with a coach on an ongoing basis?


If you start with a single session and would like to be matched with the same coach in the future, feel free to reach out to us at to confirm their availability and we’ll follow up with next steps to keep the momentum going!

Ellevest’s multi-session coaching packages are designed to help you build an ongoing relationship with your coach. There are two options for working with them on an ongoing basis.

Unlimited Access to a CFP® Pro: Over the course of 12 months, you’ll get up to four phone calls and unlimited emails with a dedicated CFP® pro so you can ask questions and get financial help when you need it.

Full Financial Planning + Unlimited Access to a CFP® Pro: Over the course of 12 months, you’ll get up to five phone calls and unlimited emails with a dedicated CFP® pro in addition to a comprehensive, personalized financial plan.

PS: While you can’t currently choose your coach, all of our coaches are trained, vetted, experienced, and (if we do say so ourselves) excellent at their jobs.

How do I apply my membership coaching discount?

There are two ways to apply your membership coaching discount when you purchase a session:

Navigate to the Ellevest Store from inside the Ellevest app or website.

1. Log in to your Ellevest account.

2. From our desktop site or your phone’s mobile web browser, click “1:1 Coaching” in the main navigation. That will bring you to the Ellevest Store.

3. From the mobile app, tap the Learn tab. Browse sessions in the coaching section of the page, and tap any of them to get to the Ellevest Store.

4. You’ll see your member discount automatically applied at checkout.

Input your membership discount code during checkout.

To find it:

1. Log in to your Ellevest account.

2. Visit the membership page from your user menu.

3. Your membership code will be listed among your plan perks in your settings.

What happens after I purchase a 1:1 coaching session or workshop?

After your purchase, you’ll have the opportunity to schedule your session or book your webinar from the confirmation page. If for any reason you are not able to complete the process for your 1:1 session at that time, check your inbox for an additional email that includes a link to schedule your session.

For 1:1 coaching sessions:

1. You'll choose a date and time for your upcoming coaching call.

2. You'll fill out a (typically quick) pre-session questionnaire. That will help your coach to get up to speed on you and your personal situation so the two of you can hit the ground running from the very start of your call.

3. When it's time for your session, your coach will call you at the phone number you provided (or log in for your video call, if you booked a Full Financial Plan or Retirement Planning Session and chose that option).

4. After the call, your coach will follow up with action steps, any deliverables they owe you, and resources to help you implement their advice.

5. If your coaching experience includes more than one session, they'll also send a link to book your next call.

For workshops:

1. You'll register for an upcoming date and time via Zoom.

2. Once registered, you'll get an automated email (and reminders) from Zoom with all the joining info.

3. If you miss your workshop, you'll get a link to register for a new date and time.

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