• Annual Renewal: Unlimited Access to a CFP® Pro
1:1 Session

Annual Renewal: Unlimited Access to a CFP® Pro

  • $749.50 Executive Members
  • $1,049.30 Plus Members
  • $1,199.20 Essential Members
  • $1,499.00 Non-members

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Congrats on all the hard work you put in this past year with your financial planner! The strategizing, the budgeting, the diligence. No, really — take a moment to celebrate this win (we’re doing a little dance over here for you, too).

With all this momentum, we’d love to see you keep going — now’s the time to renew your access (and save!). You’ll get another year of quarterly phone calls and unlimited email support from the same CFP® pro you’ve worked with so far (aka your BFF, we hope). That way, you can keep working together on your money goals without missing a beat, adjusting that strategy to life as it happens, with specific action steps and advice along the way.

Take this next step to keep making alllllll the progress and renew today. 

Note: This session is designed for United States residents only. Ellevest cannot provide tax or legal advice. Please use the link to book found in your confirmation email to contact us about scheduling your next phone call.

Go ahead, invest in yourself: Ellevest Executive members: $437.50, Plus members: $612.50, Essential members: $700, Non-members: $875