• How to Practice Financial Wellness and Feel Good About Money
Workshop | 60-min

How to Practice Financial Wellness and Feel Good About Money


Money is our #1 source of stress, and it has an outside impact on our health, futures, and overall well-being. And yet women rank financial health as the least important kind. Let’s start practicing financial wellness — the state of well-being you find when you know what you have, where you’re going, and you feel good about it.

In this live, virtual workshop, an Ellevest money coach will teach you how to build your own financial wellness practice, wherever you are. We’ll also unpack how a robust practice can relieve stress, build confidence, and help you live the life you want.

To purchase or attend a 1:1 session or group workshop, you must be located in the United States, not including territories.


What to expect

  • A 60-min presentation led by an Ellevest money coach
  • Downloadable worksheets you can use in your own financial wellness practice
  • What it means to practice financial wellness, and why it’s so important
  • How to build a strong financial foundation and roadmap for your goals
  • How to form a healthy money mindset

How it Works

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