• Retirement Checkup

Retirement Checkup

Everybody’s dream retirement looks a little bit different — and so does the path to making it happen. In this package of two 30-minute calls with a financial planner, you’ll go over:

  • Your vision for how you want to retire
  • How to invest to reach your goals
  • Your retirement account options
  • How to catch up if you need to
  • How to prioritize retirement vs your other money goals.

Then your planner will follow up with a solid one-page list of recommendations for what to do next with your money. This session is designed for United States residents onlyEllevest cannot provide tax or legal advice.

Note: This session covers the basics of retirement planning. If you expect to have complex retirement income streams or need help planning for retirement alongside other big financial goals, check out our 1:1 Financial Planning Package. 

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