• Step Up and Stand Out in Your Role
Small-Group Coaching | 90 min

Step Up and Stand Out in Your Role


Congratulations! You’re in a job that you love. (Seriously, that’s a big deal.) Now, being the go-getter you are, you might want to build your confidence — and your career — by pushing yourself to take on new challenges, grow, and make an impact. They hired you for a reason, after all. So … how do you do that?

In this 90-minute, small-group working session, an Ellevest career coach will go over how to create an actionable plan to show your value and make big moves. You’ll learn from others in your group, too, and cheer each other on. (That might be our favorite part.)

What to expect

  • A 90-minute working session with up to 20 participants, led by an Ellevest career coach
  • How to build effective relationships at work
  • How to ask for and incorporate feedback from managers 
  • Help clarifying your goals and planning how you’ll work toward that promotion

How it Works

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