• Budgeting Session Check-in
1:1 Session | 1 session

Budgeting Session Check-in

  • $75.00 Executive Members
  • $105.00 Plus Members
  • $120.00 Essential Members
  • $150.00 Non-members

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We loved helping you create a spending plan. Congrats again on taking that step — after all, your budget is your #1 tool in hitting all your money goals. Now it’s time to build on that progress. (Plus, life changes fast, and your budget needs to keep up!)

You’ll work with the same money coach who originally helped you build your budget to talk about what’s working or not working, reevaluate your income and expenses, and update your plan as needed so that it still aligns with your values and goals.

To purchase or attend a 1:1 session or group workshop, you must be located in the United States, not including territories.

What to expect

  • A 30-minute call with your original money coach
  • Answers to any questions that came up after your original budgeting session
  • A link to list your current expenses and savings for your coach
  • Time to talk about what’s working or not working and your progress towards your goals
  • A revised, personalized budget, emailed to you after your call

How it Works

After you check out, book your session right from the confirmation page. Choose the best day and time for your schedule.

Fill out a pre-session questionnaire at least 48 hours prior to your scheduled call. Your coach will use it to prep for your call so the two of you can hit the ground running.

When it’s time, your coach will call you on the phone.

After your call, your coach will follow up with your revised budget plan and info to help you start using it.