• Let’s Talk Money: Personal Finance with Friends
Small-Group Coaching | 90 min

Let’s Talk Money: Personal Finance with Friends

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  • $400.00 Non-members

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Turn your next dinner party, lunch and learn, or happy hour into a group money coaching session. Here’s how it works: Invite up to ten of your friends (or teammates, family members, whoever!) to split the cost with, pick a personal finance topic you all want to learn more about, and an Ellevest money coach will take it from there.

In this 90-minute interactive session, you’ll gain valuable insights from your coach and each other (hopefully with some delicious apps in hand). Ask your questions, get answers, share your financial experiences, and have fun as you all turn money into another source of strength, together. 

To purchase or attend a 1:1 session or group workshop, you must be located in the United States, not including territories.

What to expect

  • A 90-minute working session with up to 10 participants, led by an Ellevest money coach
  • Your choice in topic, from budgeting to investing to money and relationships

How it Works

Designate one person as the party organizer (we see you, extroverts) and have them purchase the party. If that’s you, you’ll get a link to a form to choose one or two personal finance topics.

From there, you’ll be able to book a time slot and ask our coaches any logistical questions.

Once your time slot is booked, you’ll receive a link to join your coach on Google Meet. You can send your friends the invite or pass on the link.

When it’s time, gather around one (or many) computers, and join the session via Google Meet.