• Grow, Thrive, and Lead at Work
Small-Group Coaching

Grow, Thrive, and Lead at Work

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We see you, up there on that ladder. You’ve worked hard, and you’ve climbed your way up a few rungs — but you aren’t done yet. Now it’s time to make a plan for how you’ll keep developing as a high performer and move to the next level (and bring your team along with you, as every great leader does). 

In this 90-minute, small-group working session, an Ellevest career coach will help you build confidence, set goals, prioritize and delegate tasks, communicate clearly, hone your personal management style, and lead inclusively. You’ll learn from others too, and cheer each other on as you make an actionable plan to become the best professional (and leader) you can be.

This session is designed for people leaders, or those who plan to become people leaders soon. Still growing as an individual contributor? Check out Step Up and Stand Out in Your Role instead. C-level or executive? Check out executive coaching.

Go ahead, invest in yourself: Ellevest Executive members: $49.50, Plus members: $69.30, Essential members: $79.20, Non-members: $99