• Homebuying Strategy Session
1:1 Session

Homebuying Strategy Session

  • $112.50 Executive Members
  • $157.50 Plus Members
  • $180.00 Essential Members
  • $225.00 Non-members

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Dreaming about your new house is the fun part (built-ins, right?). But figuring out how to buy a house, especially if it’s your first time — not so much. Good news: An Ellevest money coach can guide you through the process of becoming a homeowner, be it three months or three years from now. 

They can help you figure out how much and where to save for that down payment, decide whether to buy in a high-cost city, understand your credit situation, navigate the world of mortgages, prepare for a closing, and more. Depending on how many questions you have and how many steps you have left in the process, you can choose to book one session or two. 

You know what? Scratch that about dreaming — getting those keys in your hands is the fun part. Let’s move Future You into your new neighborhood.

(PS: If you also want help building a budget that takes the costs of homebuying into account, or you aren’t sure how much home you can afford right now, check out our homebuying and budgeting combo.)

Note: This session is designed for United States residents only. Ellevest cannot provide tax or legal advice.


One session: Ellevest Executive members: $112.50, Plus members: $157.50, Essential members: $180, Non-members: $225

Two sessions: Ellevest Executive members: $175, Plus members: $245, Essential members: $280, Non-members: $350