• Money Checkup + Career Coach Q&A

Money Checkup + Career Coach Q&A

Chances are, if you’ve got questions about your money goals, you’ve probably got questions about your career goals, too. (You’re a go-getter, after all.) Especially if you’re just starting out or navigating a big change — new job, new salary.

That’s where this set of two coaching sessions comes in. In a 1:1 call with your money coach (a CFP® pro), they can help answer a financial question or two — things like how to build your emergency fund, how to prioritize your goals, or whether to choose a 401(k) or IRA. In a 1:1 call with your career coach, they can help you start to think through a challenge that’s popped up in your work life and identify the next steps you might want to take. 

Note: This session is designed for US residents only. Ellevest cannot provide tax or legal advice.

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