• Office Hours With a Money Coach
Small-Group Coaching |

60 min

Office Hours With a Money Coach


Ellevest’s educational resources — from live workshops to the Magazine to email courses and downloadable worksheets — are designed to help you learn at your own pace. But we know that sometimes, questions come up as you go. 

Enter: open office hours with Ellevest’s money coaches. This is dedicated time when you and other members of our community can pop in, ask a quick question, get help with an exercise, or gut check the steps you plan to take next. Bonus: You’ll get the chance to learn from other people’s questions, too — things you might not even have thought to ask yourself.

What to expect

  • 60 minutes of shared, unstructured time with an Ellevest money coach
  • Open Q&A with you and up to 15 other participants
  • Answers to quick questions about Ellevest’s advice and resources
  • The chance to gut check any next steps you plan to take with your money

How it Works

After you check out, click “Register Here” on the confirmation page.

Register for your session via Zoom to get the joining info.

When it’s time, join the session via Zoom. The coach will go around and answer questions from those who join in turn.