• Values-Driven Personal Finance
Workshop | 60 min

Values-Driven Personal Finance


Money is power — and your money has power. Power to change your future, and power to make the world better. And you don’t have to choose between the two. 

This live, virtual workshop is all about using your core values to guide your financial decisions, from the companies you support to the goals you’re saving and investing for. You’ll learn how to shop (and budget) intentionally, donate strategically, bank ethically, invest for impact (and returns), and more. You’ll walk away feeling good about using your money to support what you believe in, and still doing well for yourself.

To purchase or attend a 1:1 session or group workshop, you must be located in the United States, not including territories.


More dates coming soon!

What to expect

  • A 60-minute presentation led by an Ellevest money coach
  • An exercise to help you identify your core values
  • Intentional spending, like budgeting trade-offs and deciding where to shop
  • Intentional saving, like choosing a bank that aligns with your values
  • Intentional investing, like prioritizing your goals and impact investing

How it Works

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When it’s time, join the workshop via Zoom. If you miss it, you’ll get a link to re-register.