• Ellevest Explains: Dealing With Inflation
Ellevest Explains | 30 min

Ellevest Explains: Dealing With Inflation

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Inflation is the word of the year and it’s affecting everything: gas prices, rent, even your daily latte. And the ugly (but unsurprising) reality is that inflation has a greater impact on women because of factors like the gender pay gap and the pink tax. 

Join us for a live, 30-minute chat with a Certified Financial Planner, who’ll talk about what causes inflation, how it uniquely affects women, and how to manage the effects of inflation on your own life through budgeting and investing. We’ll also leave time for questions at the end. 

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Upcoming dates and times:

Monday, August 22 at 5 PM ET

What to expect

  • A live presentation led by Victoria Ferguson, CFP® Pro
  • Time for Q&A 
  • An explainer on the causes of inflation and how it affects women 
  • How to adjust your budget and think about your savings
  • Tips on investing as inflation rises

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