• Planning for Your Dream Retirement
Workshop | 60 min

Planning for Your Dream Retirement

  • $25.00

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You may have plenty of time to save for retirement — but retirement is expensive, and the earlier you start, the bigger your impact will be. Still, how do you know how much you’ll need in the future, and how much you should invest today? Or what type of retirement account you should be investing in?

In this live, online workshop, we’ll help you visualize your dream retirement and understand how to start building toward it. You’ll leave with knowledge about what retirement account types to consider, and how to fit your contributions into your budget — plus the confidence you’re doing it right.

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Upcoming dates and times:

Thursday, August 8 at 1 PM ET

What to expect

  • A 60 minute live presentation led by an Ellevest financial planner, with time for Q&A
  • How to create a (useful) vision for your retirement 
  • An explainer on common types of retirement accounts 
  • How to decide how much (and where) to save to meet your goals 
  • How to budget for your retirement contributions

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