Rules of Conduct

Group Sessions: Rules of Conduct

Participation in a small-group coaching session with Ellevest small is subject to the Ellevest Group Coaching Session Rules of Conduct (“Rules of Conduct”), which appear below. 

By participating in a group session, you will be deemed to have agreed to the Rules of Conduct. If you do not agree to the Rules of Conduct, you should either not enroll in or unenroll from any small-group coaching sessions with Ellevest.

Respectful Behavior

Please treat one another with civility and respect. Participants in group sessions may have differing viewpoints and should consider how others will react to their comments before sharing. Avoid personal attacks, slurs, and profanity in your interactions with other group members. Refrain from racist and/or sexist comments and attacks.

Financial advice

Financial (financial planning, debt management, or budgeting) or investment advice can only be delivered by Ellevest and the Ellevest session leader. 

Group members may share personal opinions or their own experiences, but these do not constitute official financial or investment advice by Ellevest. If you choose to use or rely on any financial or investment recommendation or other information from group members, you do so at your own risk. Ellevest does not take any responsibility for information shared by group members and does not endorse  such information, recommendation, or material.

Confidential information

Group members should not share any personally identifiable information, including social security numbers, dates of birth, or account numbers, about themselves or any other individual in these sessions. There is no obligation to disclose or share information about your  personal financial situation or other details with other group members. Any sharing of information is strictly voluntary, done at your own risk, and should be in accordance with the session topic. Information shared during the session should not be documented or used by other group members. Ellevest does not take any responsibility for information shared by group members, or for any related or resulting actions. If you have specific questions related to these areas, please set up a 1:1 session to discuss them with a money coach. 

Removal of group members 

Ellevest, in its sole discretion, reserves the right to remove any group member from this session or future sessions for violation of these Rules of Conduct, or for any reason we deem appropriate.

Solicitation, third-party advertising, and product endorsements

Ellevest does not allow group discussions that we consider to be endorsements of products or services or third-party advertising.