What Ellevest financial planning clients have to say

Here’s what a few of the women who have completed our Comprehensive Planning Package have to say about working with our CFP® Pros.

“I'd talked to four other financial planners and felt like I was really getting oversold for what I needed — I didn't want any of them to manage my assets. This is great for someone who needs something more complicated, but doesn't want to put all their eggs in one basket by moving over their assets.

Everyone in my family lives a long time, and I'm sure I'm going to outlive my partner. So what freaks me out isn't what I'm doing now, but what I'm going to do when I'm 80 and on my own. Ellevest's female focus really helped me plan for that.”

Sophia, 31, CA

“I wasn’t financially aware. I had some ideas of words, but I didn’t know if I was using them correctly. Once I talked to the planner, I learned that I can have goals — that money can create the life that I want.”

Ritu, 36, MI

“It really unpacked things and helped me feel like I was making really informed decisions. So I'd recommend it to anyone who's doing retirement planning ... which should be anyone who's an adult.”

Jessica, 43, KY

“When my coach got back to me with my plan, I got emotional. She turned all these random thoughts and ideas into a plan — it was so comforting. It made me fall in love with all my money stuff. My tasks were laid out well, with lots of background included for each one. I think this package would be helpful for someone newer to their financial journey as well.”

Alyssa, 29, TX

“My planner brought the right mix of empathy and realism to financial planning. In just a couple of calls, she grasped the dynamics of my life stage and helped me adjust to an unexpected layoff.”

Amy, 56, KY

Testimonials were given by clients of Ellevest, Inc. Testimonials are representative of the client's views at the time collected, may not be representative of the experiences of other clients, and do not provide a guarantee of future performance success or a similar experience or services. Client received a $100 gift card for providing their testimonial.