• Budgeting and Debt Planning Session

Budgeting and Debt Planning Session

Want to take control of your spending and pay down debt, but not sure where to start? This 1:1 session with a money coach can help you do both. You’ll start with a deep dive into your daily expenses and budgeting challenges so that you can create a full spending plan together — including how much you can pay toward debt. Next, we’ll take a closer look at all your debts and help you make a strategic plan to pay them off. 

Your planner will follow up with two specific (but realistic) one-page plans. One will be a budget plan for paying your bills, covering non-monthly expenses, day-to-day spending, and helping out Future You; the other is a debt plan including a prioritized list of debts and a paydown calendar for the next three months to get you started. 
Once you sign up, you’ll get an email with a link to schedule your session and fill out a pre-session questionnaire.

Note: This session is designed for US residents only. Ellevest cannot provide tax or legal advice.

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