• Investing, Part 1: How It All Works
Workshop | 60 min

Investing, Part 1: How It All Works

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You don’t need to become an expert on stocks before you can start investing — when you start an investing account with Ellevest, we’ve got you covered. But if you’re curious to learn more, this live, 60-minute online workshop is for you. You’ll get an understanding of how different types of investments work, dig into the most important investing concepts, and get some insight into how we pick investments at Ellevest.

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Upcoming dates and times:

Wednesday, July 24 at 12 PM ET

Thursday, August 22 at 7 PM ET

What to expect

  • A presentation led by an Ellevest financial planner, including time for Q&A
  • An overview of the main types of investments and how they work
  • Some common investing terms
  • A rundown of investing concepts like diversification and compounding
  • How to know when to invest and when to save

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