• Full Financial Planning Package

Full Financial Planning Package

You’ve got dreams — big dreams. Overlapping dreams. Dreams that all, somehow, have to fit together like a puzzle someday. Retirement. Homeownership. Moving across the country. A career change. Funding someone’s education. Leaving a legacy behind for the next generation. And so on. What should you do today to help make that future a reality?

That’s where a full financial plan comes in handy — and an Ellevest CFP® Professional can help you build one. In this set of two 1:1 calls, your financial planner will get to know your goals and finances, run them through multiple what-if scenarios (what if you spend 10% more or 10% less? what if you buy a second home someday, or not? what if you take a career break?), and then help you settle on a financial plan you can use today to help build the life you want. 

Note: This package includes one pair of calls and a written financial plan. If you’d like to continue working with a planner on an ongoing basis, check out our Unlimited Access to a CFP® Pro. 

Note: This is designed for US residents only. Ellevest cannot provide tax or legal advice.

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Get a $100 gift card to the Ellevest Store when you book by 11:59 PM ET on June 30, 2021! We’ll email it to you after you finish your kickoff call with your financial planner. Terms apply.

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