• Comprehensive Planning Package
1:1 Session | 2 sessions

Comprehensive Planning Package

  • $1,599.00 Ellevest clients*
  • $3,198.00 Non-clients

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You’ve got dreams — big dreams. Overlapping dreams. Dreams that all, somehow, have to fit together like a puzzle someday. Retirement. Homeownership. Moving across the country. A career change. Funding someone’s education. Leaving a legacy behind for the next generation. And so on. What should you do today to help make that future a reality? 

That’s where a full financial plan comes in handy — and an Ellevest CFP® Professional can help you build one. They’ll get to know your goals and finances, run them through multiple what-if scenarios (what if you spend 10% more or 10% less? what if you buy a second home someday, or not? what if you take a career break?), and then help you settle on a financial plan you can use today to help build the life you want.

Not sure? Start with a complimentary 15-minute call, or see what our financial planning clients have to say.

To purchase or attend a 1:1 session or group workshop, you must be located in the United States, not including territories.

What to expect

  • You’ll tell us about yourself and your finances ahead of time to get the most out of the session
  • Two 60-minute calls with the same Ellevest CFP® pro
  • That includes one call to get to know you, and one to explain your plan
  • Your financial goals run through multiple what-if scenarios 
  • A comprehensive, personalized financial plan, emailed to you at the end

How it Works

After you check out, book your session right from the confirmation page. You choose the best day and time for your schedule.

Fill out a pre-session questionnaire and upload the required documents. Your financial planner will prep so the two of you can hit the ground running.

When it’s time, your financial planner will call you on the phone or join your Google Meet, depending on what you chose. They’ll follow up with a link to schedule your next call.

After your second call, they will email you your full financial plan and info on recommended next steps.